If the items you mailed using Priority Mail Express International(R), Priority Mail International(R), or Registered Mail(R) service from the U.S. to a foreign country becomes lost, damaged, or has missing contents, you may submit an international inquiry on usps.com. Click the Help menu and select "File a Claim." Click International Shipments. Gather all the information you will need for your inquiry. Then click "Create an Inquiry." Sign into your existing usps.com account or create a new account. Enter the USPS Tracking(R) number that appears on your receipt and the destination country for the mailing inquiry. Use the calendar to select the date the item was mailed, then select "Search" to start a new inquiry. In the "Package Information" section select "Service Type" and "Reason for Inquiry." Enter the "Package Weight," "Value," and "Contents Description." Select the appropriate item category. Enter a detailed item description to include: specific quantity, size, color, or brand. Use the calendar to select the "Purchase Date" or the date the item was mailed. Enter the value or repair cost of the item and indicate if it is "lost" or "damaged." Go to "Fees Paid," and enter "Postage Paid," "Additional Insurance Fees Paid," and any additional fees you may have paid at the time of mailing. Complete the "Contact Information" and review the "Mailer's Address Information" to ensure that it is correct. Note: you will need to complete the "Addressee's Information" exactly as you wrote it on your mailing label. Include the addressee's email address and phone number if known to assist the appropriate foreign post to process your inquiry. To complete, upload the required "Supporting Documentation" and describe the "Package Wrapping" to specifically identify your package. Click "Choose Files" and select the JPEG or PDF files under two megabytes to attach. Then identify each separate attachment as "Evidence of Mailing" or "Evidence of Value." Provide any additional documentation that may be helpful. Agree to the "Terms and Conditions." You can choose to "Review" and edit information you need to revise or "Submit Inquiry." You will receive an email confirming your submission with a reference case number. Click "Inquiry History" to see details and the status of your inquiry. An email will either deem your inquiry as "Ineligible for a Claim" or with the status of "Claim Sent for Review." Instead of having to file a claim separately, your inquiry will automatically become a claim if you have provided the required information and your inquiry is deemed eligible. If your claim is approved you'll receive a confirmation email and a check mailed to the address you provided. Thank you for choosing United States Postal Service(R) for your shipping needs. We look forward to resolving your inquiry.